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My name is Vicki Johnson, and I hope to be instrumental in guiding and helping you to reach your goals. When you first come in to sit with me, we will discuss your current problems or concerns.  Then we will brainstorm what it is that you want to work on first, and what you want to accomplish in our sessions together. 

You will find that I am very accepting and understanding. Over the last 20 years, I have worked with clients who are diverse in background, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and nature of need.  I believe my strongest therapeutic asset is my sincere fondness and regard for people and their differences.  No matter what you need to work on or what you tell me, I can assure you that you will not be judged.  I believe in the innate goodness within each one of us, and I also know that as human beings, we have a natural tendency to strive for the 'greatest good'  for our body, emotions, and psyche.  
Frequently, however, we do not know how to attain this 'greatest good', and we find ourselves searching for answers. This is where the therapist can help. By hearing yourself tell your story and problems, you can actually detect minor changes that you may want to make yourself.  The therapist is also able to ask thought provoking questions that you have never considered, and then you can ponder their importance to your story.  Oftentimes, one new aspect of one's story can make all the difference. Perhaps you have heard the saying that small changes can make profound differences!

Why do I call my practice Gentle Steps Counseling?  This name is a constant reminder to me of the courage it takes people to come into therapy, thereby deserving a gentle, caring touch.  We will progress at your pace, and we will work on the issues you are prepared to address.  In other words, we will take definite steps toward your goals, but they can be gentle, and directed by you.  

I also believe that we can all benefit from learning how to be gentle with ourselves in a world that often treats us quite harshly. We need to learn how to find compassion for self, rather than contempt, blame, and anger.   Because you are reading this, I know you have taken the first step in your journey toward more peace, success, and fulfillment.   You are searching for more.  Please call or email me for an appointment as I look forward to working with you!

Victoria Johnson,  LPCC, LICDC

3736 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio  43214


Services  Provided:

Relationship Issues
Substance Addiction Issues
All Other Addiction Problems
Mental Health Issues
Anxiety and Fears
Separation, Break-up
Domestic Abuse or Violence
GLBT Issues
Loss and Grief
Trauma and PTSD
Codependency and ACOA issues
Families of an Addicted Member
Individuals, Couples, Families


Cognitive Therapy

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